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Boulder Hill Weekly Update

Boulder Hill Weekly Update

Friday, August 20 | by SLC
Category: Program News

Even as the summer draws to a close, the community at SLC is still buzzing with energy. Now that we are in the final week of camp, both campers and staff alike are doing their best to make every moment last. This past Shabbat, we celebrated the Bat Mitzvahs of three of our Boulder Hill campers: Kiki Palmer, Emily Brodsky, and Abby Kavanagh. We are beyond proud of them for all of the growth that they have shown over the past few months and extremely happy to see the culmination of it in the celebration of their emerging adulthood.

Over the past few days, our staff has been putting together all kinds of events for our campers. On Monday, our Argentinian staff hosted an Argentinian Afternoon, wherein the campers got to participate in all sorts of Argentinian cultural activities, from making a classic national cake to playing music bingo. Yesterday, we hosted an activity for Boulder Hill in conjunction with both of the Mainside girls’ units. Each participating camper received a pair of socks, and they each had to find the other camper from the older/younger unit that had another pair of socks to match their own. In the end, each older camper ended up with one or two little siblings for the rest of the day. One activity involved each pairing receiving a trash bag which they then had to use their creative genius to design a stylish piece of clothing with, and put on a fashion show with a performance in the middle. The campers had a blast with the activity, and then even got to sit together with their siblings at lunch!

Certainly, the highlight of the week was our second All Camp Show of the summer. In this session, Mainside and Teenside campers were able to participate in the show together, and they put on a fantastic performance of Spongebob Squarepants the Musical. It was amazing to see campers of all ages working together to put on a really fun and goofy show, and they most definitely did not fail to impress. Yesterday, we had our last camper banquet, the theme of which was Candyland, and a dance party at the Eddie Cantor to follow. We ended the evening by having all of Teenside sit in a great big circle and nestling together for one of the last times of the summer.

Coming up, we have our second session SLC Sing and Slideshow, as well as our last Shabbat. Although this summer was very different from past summers, it was equally, if not more, memorable. We sincerely hope that all of our campers had the best time this summer and that you are all looking forward to hearing all of the exciting stories your kids will be bringing home with them from camp!

Shabbat Shalom,
Alana, Unit Supervisor, and the entire team.