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Boulder Hill Weekly Update

Boulder Hill Weekly Update

Friday, July 30 | by SLC
Category: Program News

We are extremely happy to inform you that the first week of second session has gone off without a hitch. Of course, Departure Day was full of tears and goodbye hugs from campers and staff alike, but the campers were still able to quickly settle into their new bunks with their new counselors. Many were excited for the change and welcomed it with open arms.

Since then, campers have been coming up with great ideas for activities that they would like to do and joining new specialties, such as Israeli culture. On Wednesday, for example, we had choice for our evening activity, where the campers could choose what they wanted to do for the evening from a list of options. The counselors and staff were not the only ones that hosted the choice activities, however; we had a multitude of campers who offered to run a choice activity and did so incredibly successfully.

It’s awesome to see the campers taking advantage of the new opportunities presented to them to become more involved with planning and participating in the activities that they are passionate about, whether it be culinary or sports. It’s clear to us that, when given the chance, our campers step up and prove themselves to be leaders consistently, and we are beyond proud of them for it.

Upcoming in the following week, we have many exciting activities planned for the campers, including a hike to Bull Hill with Whammy during which we will be collecting blueberries. As well as sports tournaments and competitions between campers and counselors, along with a talent show. We expect we will also be hosting more camper-led activities as well through this week and the rest of the session.
Have a great Shabbat!

Alana, Unit Supervisor, and the rest of the team