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Camp Traditions

8 Year Camper Jerseys

This is especially true of a place like Surprise Lake Camp, where every day in camp is an opportunity to create memories that span generations. From our camp song, "Nestling", to ice cream for everyone at the All Camp Show, to our fun and energetic Shabbat services, one of the most exciting things about SLC is the knowledge that many of the best things we do each summer have been enjoyed in much of the same way for decades! This may be why so many of our Alumni (former campers and staff members) are still very involved. Some are famous, some less so, but all of them still love this special place where they spent a summer, or two, or as in the case of our Administrative Director Harry Vogel, sixty and counting! 

Our music program is sponsored by Neil Diamond, our state-of-the-art theater was built with funds raised by Eddie Cantor, and our Jeff Herman Award for most Outstanding Athlete is named for a former SLCer who became a New York City Police Officer and was sadly killed in the line of duty. 

One of our most visible traditions are our five-year camper sweatshirts and our eight year jersey's (and five-year and ten-year staff jackets), which can be seen all year round, both in and out of camp.  So if you see someone wearing one, say "Hi!"

Jeff Herman Winners Five Year Staff Jeff Herman Award Winners2


STARFISH is our values program, focusing on eight characteristics we expect in our community:









These values are posted throughout camp and are a part of everything we do; on the fields, in the bunks, in the dining rooms.  Campers and staff receive special "bandz" in which they can earn recognition and various "tagz."


Winter Address:  520 Eighth Avenue - 4th Floor, New York, NY 10018

Summer Address:  382 Lake Surprise Road, Cold Spring, NY 10516

Phone: 845-265-3616   Fax: 646-582-0138   Email:  [email protected]