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Frontier Week Two Update

Frontier Week Two Update

Friday, July 16 | by SLC
Category: Camp Families

We have had an excellent and jam-packed week this week!

Even though it got off to a rainy start, a stormy day in camp is better than a sunny day anywhere else! For me, the best part of this week was our Advanced Map Making activity with all of Frontier. For the activity, each group was given a large sheet of paper, pencils and markers and tasked with recreating a map of all of Surprise Lake Camp. The new and returning campers had to work together to accurately place all of the buildings, landmarks and iconic features of camp. While every map turned out fantastic, after consulting with Sheryl we awarded the title of “Best Mapmakers” to F16. However, because every group worked so hard we decided to award them all with a huge ice cream party later this week!

I am immensely proud of all of Frontier for stepping up to the plate for this unconventional activity. I do not expect many of you to send your children to camp with the expectation of them returning home as aspiring cartographers — but that may be just what you get!

The entire group LOVED camp carnival yesterday including great rides, treats, face painting, tattoos and much more.

We are looking forward to our third Shabbat together as a community and to an amazing next week of camp.

We promise to keep you posted and wish you a Shabbat Shalom,

Sydney, Unit Supervisor, and the entire team