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Frontier Weekly Update

Frontier Weekly Update

Friday, July 23 | by SLC
Category: Program News

This was an exciting and crazy week in Upper Senior Boys. Olympics broke out at the end of the All Camp Show and the campers spent all of Wednesday competing in a variety of water and land games. The day culminated in an eventful and “skin of your teeth” finale at the Eddie Cantor Theater where the four teams displayed their banners, lego creations, cheer, song and dance. Many Upper Senior Boys participated in all these activities as well as in the feats of athleticism and water sports.

The unit has recovered from the “soggy” beginning of camp and we had a week of sun and activities. In addition to olympics the campers participated in our expanded rocketry program, building and launching real rockets with our staff supervision. The boys engaged in a friendly competition around who’s rocket flew the highest, and who had the best design.

The campers continue to form meaningful friendships, making connections and memories that will last a lifetime. This session was many Upper Senior Boys’ last experience on main side, and many of them are looking forward to coming back next summer to experience life on teen side. There is no doubt that they are ready for the increased independence they will have next summer.

The boys remaining for session two are looking forward to “ruling the roost.” We are upgrading the camper’s accommodations for Session Two by having them move into one half of the Mountainview complex. We are looking forward to days that include “LARPing” and nights that include star-gazing as well as an additional campout and hike.

It has been a wonderful experience watching the Upper Senior Boys play and experience a relatively normal summer in which they can put aside some of the worries and anxiety they have had over the last 19 months.

Shabbat Shalom from SLC!