Trips Out of Camp

Every camper gets to go on trips out of camp.

All campers get a trip to an amusement-style park once each session. To promote bonding for the following summer, the oldest Mainside campers (Upper Seniors) and the Lower Teens take their trip together.

Teens get a second trip, too: they get to choose one of three options, such as attending a minor league baseball game (schedule dependent), crossing the Walkway Over the Hudson (the world’s longest elevated pedestrian bridge), or touring a real dairy/farm.

During Session 2, the Upper Teens (our oldest camper unit) go on  a three-day, two-night trip away from camp, an experience which is always a highlight of their summer.

Fees for all day trips are included in camper tuition already; there are no extra costs except for any spending money you may wish to provide directly to your camper for snacks and souvenirs. The exception is the Upper Teen 3-day Session 2 trip.