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Highlands and Mountainview Upper Weekly Update

Highlands and Mountainview Upper Weekly Update

Friday, August 13 | by SLC
Category: Program News

Camp is going by so fast!  On Sunday, we had a “Sunday funday” on Teenside. There were a bunch of inflatables, one being a foam slide. That night we had an all camp party at the canteen which was pirate themed. A lot of games were set up and an ice cream  truck came. Everyone loved it.

On Monday we had a pool party during the day and at night we had a movie night during the sunset outside on the pool deck. The inflatable projector was really nice and everyone watched Shark Boy and Lava Girl. We played messy 9 square which turned into a shaving cream fight after the 9 square games and then we went in the pool. On Tuesday we had our overnight. We hiked up to the Hinterlands and watched the sunset. We set up our sleeping areas and collected sticks to roast marshmallows. We played games together and Journeys Way, Highlands, and Mountainview Upper bonded. It ended up raining and it was definitely an experience for everyone to come back down together very early in the morning.

Wednesday we had egg olympics. The campers decorated eggs in the morning with fabrics and markers. The campers were very creative making egg characters – some fictional, some not. Everyone named their egg. We played egg volleyball, egg relay, egg toss, and had an egg hunt. We also made floats as units with different material such as boxes and pool noodles and put someone in it to float in the pool against the other teams. Thursday we had the Maccabi games. We played capture the flag, gold rush, and water activities in the morning. Then at night, campers in our unit performed, and showed out their talents at the Eddie Cantor.

Tonight we will be getting ready for Shabbat and coming together as a community. We had a fun week and are looking forward to the next week already!

Shabbat Shalom,

Jessie, Unit Supervisor, and the entire team.