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Highlands and Mountainview Upper Weekly Update

Highlands and Mountainview Upper Weekly Update

Friday, August 20 | by SLC
Category: Program News

This week is bittersweet. We’ve been having so much fun, and we are finishing off the summer on the best note possible.

This past week we had a Sunday Funday on teenside. It involved many inflatables and life sized games. We all had so much fun jumping around, and then we had a nice swim at the Teenside waterfront. That night we had hula dancing with Kori – the MS Arts and Crafts specialist. We all dressed up and put on hula skirts and flowers in our hair!

On Monday we had “Argentina Afternoon” in which the Argentinian staff organized an afternoon of fun. The Argentinian staff planned many cultural activities for us to indulge in, such as traditional Argentina dancing, baking, and arts and crafts. Part of the beauty of camp, is celebrating our diverse staff and sharing their culture with us.

On Tuesday in the afternoon, we enjoyed chocolate activities. We played games with different forms of chocolate and got to eat some yummy treats after. That night we had the All Camp Show. The show was Spongebob the Musical which was so amazing and the campers and staff loved it. A lot of our campers were involved and did such a good job – we are so proud of them. We thoroughly enjoyed our chipwiches during intermission. On Wednesday we took out the war canoes – the campers had a blast!

On Thursday morning our campers were paired with the teenside campers and they did a trashion show with trash bags. Friday morning, we had sing practice for the show Saturday night and we played a game with Journeys way. In the game, a few campers take turns standing up and they get a prompt such as “tap someone who you are going to miss,” or “tap someone who makes you smile” and it was nice because they all shared that they felt so cared for and happy afterward. Later we enjoyed pool swim and Shabbat prep. Closing out this week we hope that the campers are going to miss us as much as we know we are going to miss them.

We are looking forward to finishing strong, spending Shabbat together tomorrow, and performing at SING before the slideshow tomorrow night. We are so proud of these campers and hope to see them all next summer!

Shabbat Shalom,

Jessie, Unit Supervisor, and the entire team.