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Highlands and Mountainview Upper Weekly Update

Highlands and Mountainview Upper Weekly Update

Friday, July 30 | by SLC
Category: Program News

This week was a blast!

We had a hike to Breakneck Ridge. All of the campers helped each other and the view was so nice. When we got to the top we took a ton of pictures and ate Whammy mix, trail mix with m&m’s, which was a hit. We had bingo with Devin and it went so well. There were prizes and everyone had so much fun, we will definitely be playing again.

This week we also started specialty. Each camper chose a specialty that they want to do for the session. They get to spend time with specialists and intermingle with friends from other units. They were very excited to also have choice this week which is where they can pick an activity they want to do for the evening.

Thursday, we made funfetti cakes from scratch for a special occasion close to the units hearts. That evening we had a night swim pool party in the pouring rain and the campers absolutely loved it. There was music playing and everyone was able to enjoy the weather.

For specialty we had drama, adventure, dance, and arts and crafts. Everyone even went boating and some campers went on the diving dock this week! It was great to see the units come together and work together on something to lift someone else up. They got to eat the cake and it was a really great moment. Soon the units will be getting ready for services, havdallah, Oneg, and star gazing. We can’t wait for what else is to come.

Shabbat Shalom,

Jessie, Unit Supervisor, and the entire team