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Highlands Weekly Update

Highlands Weekly Update

Friday, July 23 | by SLC
Category: Program News

This week has been jam packed with fun activities. At the same time it has been bittersweet because some of the kids will be leaving Sunday (at the end of our first session). We’ve done so much together this week and have reflected on the session.

We started the week with milkshake making. Everyone got there own milkshakes and enjoyed picking which ingredients were going in their blender.

On Monday we painted by lakeside on canvases and we had a team building activity. It is nice to see everyone work together and think outside the box.

On Tuesday we made oobleck which is something that acts like a liquid when being poured, but like a solid when a force is acting on it. At night we had the All Camp Show! The teenside show was Hercules and the mainside show was Stone Soup. They were very good and we were proud of all the campers. Everyone got Chipwiches and then Olympics broke out!

The campers were so excited and eager to learn their teams. Wednesday we spent the day of olympics doing sports, water events, legos, wacky games, painting plaques and banners at arts and crafts, dance, and learning songs and cheers. We then had the parade and the teams got to show off their hard work. The Red team took the win.

Thursday we had rocketry with Mike. The campers made their own mini rockets. After they were finished they went to the field and launched them. They were engaged and excited and it was a fun activity. We also had pool swim and then the campers went to get ready for the Main Event (a party celebrating the end of Session One). We are patiently waiting for the SLC Sing and Slideshow tomorrow night. As for tonight we end the week all together at Shabbat which is a great end to our first session. We feel so lucky to have gotten to know all of the highlands campers and really build connections.

Jessie, Highlands Supervisor, and the entire Highlands Staff