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Idyllwood / Journeys Way Weekly Update

Idyllwood / Journeys Way Weekly Update

Friday, July 23 | by SLC
Category: Program News

This week Idyllwood and Journeys Way had a fun filled week! Our week began with J12 having the opportunity to go on our water trampoline in the middle of our glistening lake. The campers jumped and walked along the log of the trampoline, which was a highlight of a packed week.

Both units participated in a Sip and Paint night where the kids received Shirley Temples as they painted on canvases overlooking the lake on Lakeside. Both units also participated in Egg Day. This is a challenge for all the groups as they all had an egg and were challenged by trekking throughout camp to get the most signatures on their eggs by supervisors and members of key staff. They were all presented with a variety of tasks that allowed for all of the kids to communicate and work together as a team, such as creating an outfit out of only a garbage bag and limited supplies from Arts and Crafts as well as collaborating on a portrait of an accurate representation of the Baron.

The kids also participated in Olympics. Idyllwood took first place as the Red Cabbage Patch Dolls while Journeys Way appreciated the importance of second place as the Black Rubiks Cubes. The kids had the opportunity to participate in waterfront, sports, and Arts and Crafts based activities. Most of them decided to take on Dance for their teams and their performances stole the show!

Overall it was an exciting week for Idyllwood and Journey’s Way, with more to come such as our last Shabbat of session one and SLC Sing!

Shabbat Shalom,

Lara, Unit Supervisor, and the entire staff