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Journey's Way Weekly Update

Journey’s Way Weekly Update

Friday, July 30 | by SLC
Category: Program News

This week was an action packed and fun filled week here in Journey’s Way!

We kicked off second session with SoFun City where the kids learned different magic skills and tricks that can easily be taught and done right at home. We also got the chance to pick specialties for the session. They had the choice of picking between Sports, Teva, Arts and Crafts, Dance, and Drama.

Many of our campers who are staying eight weeks received a part in this session’s All Camp Show which is Spongebob the Musical. Journey’s Way also enjoyed a scavenger hunt led by Advanced Leadership as they ran around camp completing various tasks as a group. This allowed for them to bond and connect on an even deeper level.

One highlight of the week took place on Wednesday when we finally got to play Lady Gaga Gaga. What is Lady Gaga Gaga you may ask? Well, its very simple. The kids dressed up in their most wacky and craziest outfits as they played at the Gaga court while singing their hearts out to Lady Gaga’s greatest hits. They sang and danced as Gaga was being played. J13 also got the opportunity to go to Adventure and climbed on our phenomenal Climbing Tower. All of the kids got an opportunity to go on the tower and one by one they cheered each other on to get to the top of the wall. There was also a crate of water balloons located at the top, the kids were tasked by the adventure staff to land the water balloons on a target, if the balloon landed safely they had the chance to throw it at any staff member of their choice. They had a blast!

We are looking forward to wearing white tomorrow for our first Shabbat of second session.

Lara, Unit Supervisor, and the entire staff team