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Leadership Week Two Update

Leadership Week Two Update

Friday, July 16 | by SLC
Category: Camp Families

Greetings from the Lake!!

We hope you are enjoying your summer so far, especially all the sunny days we’ve been having lately.  Speaking of that, Mother Nature finally gave us a break from the rain, and we’ve been enjoying our time in the sun.

On Sunday our unit went to Adventure where we all got a chance to climb the rock wall.  I loved watching the campers each try to find ways to challenge themselves to get to the top.  Whether it was climbing with their eyes closed and using their other senses and the assistance of their fellow campers, trying it one handed or a combination of things, it was incredible to watch them smash their goals!  We all also enjoyed a pool swim complete with music, laughter and had tons of fun!  That night we had a group of breakdancers treat us to a performance and many of our campers joined them on stage for some dancing.  It brought me such joy to see them all having such a great time.

We’ve been working hard on getting our theme for banquet (we have the responsibility for planning and implementing banquet) and ideas to make it something memorable.  The campers are all excited about what they’ve decided on and we look forward to sharing it all with you in the coming days.

Among some of the fun things we’ve enjoyed this include baking chcocolate chip cookies, pool parties, specialty and a unit campfire with s’mores, I arranged a unit movie night with ice cream as a reward for all their hard work building a 20 x 40 foot tent for Teenside during our first week at camp.  We got to watch Black Widow and everyone thoroughly enjoyed this special night together.

On Wednesday, our unit took a “secret hike.”  Although the campers tried their best to get me to tell them where we were going, I never spilled the beans.  I instructed them to all wear bathing suits (which threw them off) and be ready for a hike that afternoon.  We all set out to our destination and while I was filled with excitement, the campers were filled with curiosity.  After a short walk, we arrived at our destination where I had previously planted old t-shirts and paint.  It was time for a “paint war”!!  While some campers were hesitant to get “painted” before long everyone was covered in color, laughing, smiling, and having the time of their lives.  It was EXACTLY what I had hoped for, and another activity that strengthened the bond between our campers.

Yesterday, we had a carnival on Teenside.  Our Leadership campers had the responsibility to plan and run three booths as a team for all of their fellow campers.  Before long, we had people waiting in line to take part in our messy obstacle course and then walking around afterwards covered in shaving cream, playing cup pong and sending friends candygrams.  All in all, a successful event and I was so proud of them.  After everyone left, our unit got to take part in a laser tag game together, and they had such an incredible time.

Every day I get to watch this group grow closer and closer.  They work together, have their “inside jokes”, help one another, care for one another and make the most of each day.  It’s truly a privilege getting to work with and know these campers more and more each day.  They are making this one of my best summers yet!

Until next week……Shabbat Shalom,

Dena, Leadership Supervisor and the entire team