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Leadership Weekly Update

Leadership Weekly Update

Friday, July 23 | by SLC
Category: Program News

Greetings from the Lake!

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of our time together.  Before we forget, we just want to say a huge THANK YOU to you all for allowing us the pleasure of spending the last four weeks with your children.  They have all made this one truly unforgettable summer, and we are forever grateful!

We have had quite the week here at SLC, full of fun, smiles and laughter.  We’ve enjoyed just about every activity at camp this week, from sports, to arts & crafts, to archery where we were beyond impressed with everyone’s skill, to boating and pool parties and so much more!

On Saturday we had our first ALL CAMP Shabbat!  You cannot imagine how special it was to have everyone from both sides of camp together (wearing our masks) at the Eddie Cantor Theater for the first time.  The voices of our campers echoed across the lake with every word they sang.  After services, we got to have Shabbat walk with family and friends on both sides of camp and it honestly choked me up to see everyone finally being able to spend some time together.  It’s one of my favorite mornings at camp and everywhere I looked, it seemed I wasn’t alone in that sentiment.

On Tuesday night, after a full day of fun, we were treated to the drama specialty productions of Stone Soup, presented by the Mainside campers, and Hercules, presented by the Teenside campers.  Our Leadership unit was well represented in the latter production in both the tech and acting departments.  Of course, no All Camp Show would be complete without the highlight of intermission…….Chipwiches!!!!  No matter where we turned there were ice cream mustaches on top of huge smiles sprinkled all around the audience.

Towards the end of the evening, everyone in the theater suspected that a certain event was going to happen….ahem….Olympics, and we did, in fact, have Olympic breakout!  SLC Olympics 2021 was an 80’s theme event featuring the White Nintendo’s, The Red Cabbage Patch Kids, The Blue Smurfs, and The Black Rubik’s Cubes.  Immediately after breakout, the teeenside teams went right into an event to kick things off.  Each team lined up from the Eddie Cantor theater towards teenside for a giant “over-under” game and the last person then had to run to teenside where four of their teammates were waiting to start the rope burn.  The campers had to work together to build a fire and get it up high enough to burn through the rope that was stretched out above it.  The first team to complete this task was the Black team sending all other teams into a scramble for second place. It was an exciting moment for everyone!

Wednesday was a full day of activities for our camp olympians, whether they participated in the sporting or waterfront events, the dance, lego building or banner and plaque painting, all you could hear across our beautiful lake were the sounds of cheering and excitement everywhere.  As we gathered in the Eddie Cantor Theater for the team parade, plaque and lego presentation, team song, cheer and dance competition, the energy was electric!  It was a close competition, but in the end, it was the Red Cabbage Patch Kids that took home the gold for 2021!  Congratulations to everyone!

And finally, the moment our unit has all been waiting for, our end of session banquet. The theme for this session was “70’s disco” and somehow Dena got the nickname of “Disco Dena” – we all had a blast!  We can’t wait for you all to see what an incredible job your children did decorating the dining room and the beach, and how much fun they all were having throughout the night. We cannot even begin to tell you how incredibly proud we are of all of these campers.  Together, they worked so hard to put on an amazing event and they rocked it!!

As we get ready for our final Shabbat of the session tonight we want to again say how grateful we are for the opportunity to have been able to spend the past four weeks with your children.  They have made this summer extra special and we will miss them greatly.  We hope you all enjoy the remainder of your summer and we look forward to seeing everyone next year!

Until then…..

Dena Stevenson, Leadership Supervisor, and the entire Leadership staff