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Lower Mountainview Week Two Update

Lower Mountainview Week Two Update

Friday, July 16 | by SLC
Category: Camp Families

Camp is in full swing now, and the campers of Lower Mountainview have been having a blast. Our young campers bring so much energy to Mainside and run their counselors ragged all day long. The children continue to work together to problem solve tasks in adventure, and support each other on the waterfront. It is very touching to see campers support each other though difficult tasks and cheer each other on.

Our minicamp bunk, M4 left least Sunday after some heartfelt goodbyes. The full session campers did a great job supporting the mini-campers through the transition helping them pack and clean up the cabin. While it is always difficult to watch other campers leave, we are happy to report that their departure did not lead to an increase in homesickness on the part of those that remained.

We have gone on a few amazing nature hunts that have included finding frogs, turtles and other animals!

Part of being at camp is learning to problem solve and use helpful language. Campers who initially did not get along so well or got on each other’s nerves are learning to talk out and resolve problems with guidance from their counselors. Campers are learning to use supportive, rather than accusatory language in addressing their concerns to one another.

The weather has improved dramatically and we have been spending more time in the lake and pool and have been on the fields playing and running. The camp carnival was a lot of fun, and our campers enjoyed rides and elaborate face painting. There is only one more week of first session, and that means that Olympics is probably just around the corner…

We look forward to keeping you updated and send best wishes for a Shabbat Shalom,

Brandon, Unit Supervisor and the entire team