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Mainside Boys Weekly Update

Mainside Boys Weekly Update

Friday, August 20 | by SLC
Category: Program News

The Adventurers heard tell of a red bag of treasure-filled will goblin gold. They hiked up to a deserted village and spotted the treasure in the village fire pit. But it was a trap! No sooner than the first of them stepped forward than the Goblins attacked. A great battle ensued, with the Adventures making charge after charge to secure the treasure, the goblins beating them back every time. But all wars come to an end, the goblins eventually agreed to share their treasure, the two sides broke bread together and parted in peace.

We have been enjoying some Live Action Role Play (LARPing) this last week, and our friends from Teenside helped us stage our Goblin Hunt on A Trail. A few days later, the campers had an opportunity to design, build and test their gear, as we had another foray, this time right outside of Arts and Crafts. Some of these cardboard creations might be coming home with your child on Sunday.

It has been a wonderful summer. Our smaller group has allowed the campers to become closer. The campers have been transitioning nicely from activity to activity, playing sports, swimming, or hanging around the bunk during Hafsakah or after evening activity playing Magic The Gathering or various card games.

We had a great carnival on Teenside this past Sunday and a wonderful banquet last night. The kids have been here a full eight weeks and have settled nicely into all the routines of camp. But the nights have grown a bit chillier, a sign that it is almost time to say goodbye. Tomorrow night is Sing and our slideshow, and we anticipate a flood of tears as the campers have an opportunity to recap the time they spent here. They are eager and excited to get home and be with their families. But they also wish that camp could go on forever and that they would never have to leave.

Over the course of this year, remember to remind your child about their time at SLC. And remind them too that next summer gets closer and closer every single day.

Shabbat Shalom,

Neil Weintraub, Mainside Division Head, and the entire team.