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Merrylane Week Two Update

Merrylane Week Two Update

Friday, July 16 | by SLC
Category: Camp Families

This week felt a lot like a normal camp day as the rain subsided and the sun came out. The campers started to adjust to a regular camp day and I believe they all are enjoying it.

One particular event that happened before the sun came out that really brought our Merrylane family together was when we played soccer in the rain. The kids were very excited at first to play in the rain and once we started playing the kids couldn’t stop! The kids were all slipping and sliding. We couldn’t stop laughing as the kids were having so much fun. It became very competitive as well and everyone wanted to score the last goal.

I would say in my many years of working here this was the best unit soccer game I have been a part of and I am so proud of our campers for really buying into the activity and getting and supporting each other!

We had a great time at Camp Carnival yesterday – every minute of camp seems to bring our unit closer together as a group.

All of us are very much looking forward to this coming Shabbat – we have another very exciting week ahead of us and can not wait to tell you all how it goes!

Dylan Goldberg, Unit Supervisor and the whole team