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Merrylane Weekly Unit Update

Merrylane Weekly Unit Update

Friday, August 20 | by SLC
Category: Program News

Our final week together here at SLC has been amazing. As campers continue to enjoy all the activities that we have grown to love each day, it is hard not to feel a bit of sadness, as our summer comes to an end. We have become a family whose shared experiences are filled with joy; as the campers in the Sports Specialty encourage each other to do their best competing in the many different tournaments. Campers in Fitness have not only grown their muscles but a deeper understanding of what it means to balance strength, flexibility, and endurance. Our culinary crew continued to wow us with tasty treats as they learned how to master the chemistry of cooking. At the Waterfront, many campers took out their favorite types of boats as they cruised around the lake or sat out in the water with friends in small clusters of paddle-boards and kayaks as sailboats and windsurfers zipped past.

We cheered at the All Camp Show, SpongeBob SquarePants the Musical, bringing together a range of talented thespians from both Teenside and Mainside. We were transported to Bikini Bottom, where SpongeBob and friends had to save the day from an erupting underwater volcano and the evil ever scheming Plankton. Campers from Teenside took the opportunity to mentor the young actors from Mainside, many of whom had never acted in a play before. These bonds they built in only a few weeks of dedicated practice will last a lifetime.

As the curtain closed on our Drama specialty, the lifeguard trainees also found themselves at the end of their brief journey of hard work. Spending hours each day in the lake or pool mastering different types of life-saving techniques, building endurance, and learning about all the other skills required to be a lifeguard has given this cohort of campers a new perspective on what it takes to hold the mantle of Lifeguard here at SLC. While some campers may choose to continue on this path once they return home.

Another tradition of our summer is the Camper Banquet. Campers got dressed up to celebrate each other in this social event to the theme of Candyland. Given our smaller numbers at the end of this session, we had the opportunity to be with Mainside campers as well in the first-ever All Camp Banquet! Over the next two days, campers will gear up for the Sing competition. With many of the Merrylane boys having a Sing victory under their belts from the first session in Timberline, we are looking to rekindle those dance moves to complete a summer sweep.

Shabbat Shalom,

Josh, Unit Supervisor, and the entire staff.