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Merrylane Weekly Update

Merrylane Weekly Update

Friday, August 6 | by SLC
Category: Program News

During this week we kept the fun going in the Specialties. Our Culinary group put treats in our bellies with some tasty brownies and peanut-butter rice crispy treats. The Drama specialty continued to work diligently at lightning pace as they prepare the sets, costumes, and cast for an ALL CAMP performance of SpongeBob SquarePants the Musical. Fitness worked to challenge campers to create their own personalized workout plans while teaching the fundamentals of proper flexibility, strength and cardiovascular training. At the Waterfront specialty campers learned search and recovery drills. These skills are are vital for anyone who may ever plan to lifeguard here at SLC. They also battled for bragging rights after taking our our two fifteen-person War Canoes for various challenges on the lake. The lake has been filled with campers gliding in stand-up paddle boards and kayaks, or catching the cool breezes that guided them on our Sunfish sailboats and wind surfers.

Along with the many fun daily activities, we celebrated “Israel Day.” As a way of connecting their experience in the Israeli Defense Force, our many Israeli Teenside counselors woke up our campers a little earlier than usual for a morning Boot Camp of fitness training, drills, and an introduction to Krav maga. Krav Maga trains self-defense, martial and combat skills, as well as the skills of protecting others, all in a unique and easy way to learn.

We joined the campers for the boot camp and were impressed by how our counselors stressed the importance of community, respect, care and compassion for one another. We started out with some fitness as we ran sprints, did some interval training, had a planking competition, and learned how to properly and effectively complete a military crawl. In our krav maga training we learned how to defend against an incoming attacker and complete two different forms of takes downs. We then learned how to care for and carry an injured comrade by practicing an over the shoulder military carry.  Finally, we ran as a unit in lines to breakfast for some authentic Israeli food, which was served at each meal of the day.

With all this accomplished by 8:30 AM, we still had a full day ahead. In the morning activities, we played fun paddle ball games, had an obstacle course while being squirted with water, got our faces and bodies painted in Blue & White, learned an Israeli dance, made naan bread over an open fire and munched on Israeli snacks. During hafsakah (rest hour) there were many campers who took advantage of this time to relax and catch an hour long nap. Our evening took a slightly different turn as campers completed in both Ping-Pong and 6 vs 6 Beach Volleyball tournaments. This past week we also included a Staff verse Camper basketball game where our staff edged out the campers after four quarters of competitive play, a mixed Mainside vs Teenside camper counselor soccer game, and a talent show in the Eddie Cantor Theater.

Keep writing and sending emails to find out even more about their experience as we all work hard to make this a summer to remember.

Shabbat Shalom,

Josh, Unit Supervisor, and the entire team.