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Merrylane Weekly Update

Merrylane Weekly Update

Thursday, August 12 | by SLC
Category: Program News

As we said goodbye to the 6-week campers, we celebrated all of our 8-week campers on Teenside with a “Sunday, Funday!” In the afternoon, Teenside was set up with inflatables. There was a water slide and bubble shoot. Campers climbed to the top of the 15-foot slide and shot down a chute filled with soapy bubbles and into a pool at the end. They popped up covered in the biggest soapy bubbles I’ve ever seen. It was awesome! They then went down the water slide, competed with friends through an inflatable obstacle course, or play a game of life-sized Hungry Hippos.

Afterward, all camp headed to the waterfront to cool down as the Mainside campers had their first opportunity to swim on Teenside and enjoy our bounce. The Bigs and Littles played, splashed, and swam together for the first time this summer and you could tell that these remaining two weeks were going to be great. That evening we all met at the Mainside canteen for some homemade carnival games and a visit from the ice cream truck. Campers delighted with each other as they devoured the home made double scoop cones, cups, or cookies. In between, they danced on the basketball court using the many different choreographed dance moves that were taught by our wonderful dance instructors.

With Sunday behind us, we settled back into some of our weekly routines with Specialty and introduced Choice activities. During one or two different periods each day, campers now have the option to choose between a variety of activities including dance, archery, J-time (Jewish), boating, water Bounce, Culinary, tennis, sports, Art & Crafts, Teva, Adventure, fitness, and Drama. We are also continuing with our daily swim so everyone has a chance to cool down and splash around during these hot August days.

Another fun part of this week was our overnight. We joined our sibling unit Boulder Hill for a campfire and s’mores before heading back to our campsite for the night. The campers helped to build a roaring campfire. They stayed up “talking story” and kept the fire going well into the night. In the morning we woke up when the sun began to rise for a few more hours back in their comfy beds before our Egg Day because it’s eggxactly what you think. The eggtivites included decorating and naming their egg. It was very eggdorable. There were relays such as the penguin walk where each camper gingerly waddled while holding an egg between their feet. Let’s just say that was not as successful as the spoon carry, over-under, and a new twist on a camp favorite the egg toss where campers on each team were in ever eggspanding circles with eggs flying in every direction. After the egg drop where campers “eggineered” protective gear they dropped their eggs from a higher elevation, they were then able to vote for three staff members to have the remaining egg cracked over their heads. The lucky staff members were great sports as the ended up with literal eggs on their faces.

In the following days, we enjoyed a mini-Olympics with Blue verse White called the Maccabi Games. There was an all-camp capture the flag, a bean treasure hunt, War canoe races, and lots of water relays on lakeside that ended with an all camp water fight. We celebrated our Jewish culture with a Teenside carnival dedicated to the many Jewish holidays. Our Israeli counselors organized games for each holiday where campers could earn shekels – Israeli currency –  to exchange for snacks and prizes. In the evening we were serenaded by an all camp music festival dedicated to the late great Pete Seger. Pete was a local celebrity at SLC. I can recall the days where he would come to perform in the Eddie Cantor theater and we would sing songs like “This Land is Your Land” and “If I had a Hammer.”

Shabbat Shalom,

Josh, Unit Supervisor, and the entire team.