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Mountainview Lower Weekly Update

Mountainview Lower Weekly Update

Friday, July 23 | by SLC
Category: Program News

We have had such an incredible week at camp!

The rain has finally passed, and we were able to enjoy our Olympics competition this past Wednesday under blue skies. It was so nice seeing all of Mountainview Lower smiling and showing off their ruach (spirit) for their team. This year, the teams were: Red Cabbage Patch Kids, White Nintendo, Blue Smurfs, and Black Rubik’s Cube. I am so proud of our campers and their spirit that they have put into this action packed and memorable day.

Our final week at camp has been filled with lots of activities, such as capture the flag – where we played counselors versus campers (and the campers all won!). We also have taken on some fun science activities and experimentation, such as Elephant toothpaste. We love sharing our passion for science, and in this experiment – the foam turns into a beautiful, and safe to touch art project!

Tomorrow, we will be continuing our rehearsals for the SLC Sing competition, with our mashups to a collection of international songs to highlight the beauty of our world that we all share.

The campers have gotten very close with each other, and they are now part of an SLC family, that they can call home. We can’t believe that this is our final days here for the first session. We have had the pleasure of building our unit up, making memories that will last for years to come.

All the best,

Brandon (Mountainview Lower Unit Supervisor) and the entire MVL team.