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Olympics Update

Olympics Update

Wednesday, July 31 | by SLC
Category: Program News

Olympics is off to a great start! Last night, Teenside wasted no time. They started the Apache Relay as soon as they were separated into teams. The teams each scatter their members from the Eddie Cantor Theater all the way throughout Teenside to complete components of the relay. The tasks include separating sprinkles by color, half-court basketball shots, building houses out of cards, solving riddles, and other various challenges before ending with a rope burn, in which campers build a fire until it burns a rope that is suspended over the fire. While it was close, the Blue Laffy Taffy won the apache relay!

This morning, Mainside and Teenside competed in field events on their side of Camp. At noon, all of Camp met in the Theater for a teamwork challenge. The teams were given water jugs that were cut into two pieces. They had to keep the water jugs attached, in order to avoid losing their liquid. Teams were racing to fill a large bin. Blue Laffy Taffy also came out victorious!

Here are the standings as of lunch time:

White Skittles were in fourth place with 58,000 points.

Red Mike & Ike’s were in third place with 66,000 points.

Black Starbursts were in second place with 74,000 points and

Blue Laffy Taffy in the lead with 82,000 points.

This afternoon, Campers are headed to the waterfront to compete in races, while half their teams are partaking in “Wacky Games” in the gym. After dinner the teams head back to the Eddie Cantor Theater for song, dance, cheer and plaque competition.

Stay tuned as many more points are still up for grabs.