Reminders | Surprise Lake Camp


Thanks for being a part of the Surprise Lake Camp family!  We look forward to seeing you this summer!  




Visiting Day

Visiting Day will be held from 10 am to 3 pm. This is a time change from last summer.


In order to insure the best possible quality of care at our Health Center, we have teamed up with Campers Pharmacy to improve our medication administration system at camp.  We will be requiring all campers who take prescription, vitamins, supplements and over the counter medications on a daily basis to participate in Campers Pharmacy’s medication service.  This will help us meet the demands of the increased number of medications we administer to campers every day.  It will improve our efficiency, lower the risk of error, reduce waiting time for campers receiving daily medications, and allow our nursing staff to increase focus on the overall health and safety of everyone at Surprise Lake Camp. 
We will be requiring 100% participation in this service from families with campers who will need medication while at camp. The only exception is if the pharmacy notifies us that they are unable to accept your insurance or fill a particular medication. (Please see below what to do if this applies to you.)

Please register online at:  THE CAMP ID NUMBER IS 910516. They will package your camper’s meds and deliver them directly to camp prior to your child’s arrival. All pills will be pre-packaged in dose/blister packs. will manage every step of the process, including insurance payments, dispensing and delivery of your child’s medication to camp five days prior to their arrival.

Bottled Water

At camp we pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly and being guardians of the earth.  Bottled water uses limited resources and the plastic that is used creates environmental problems.  Also, the water is often taken by rich corporations from poor countries with limited resources.  In addition, cases of water take up valuable space in camp and are a burden to the staff members charged with carrying them.

Therefore, camp will no longer accept cases of water on camp buses or via delivery by UPS or Fedex.  Instead, each camper should bring a reusable water bottle that they can refill at one of the many fountains at camp.

Soda/Energy Drinks

Several years ago, we eliminated soda from the canteen as part of our commitment to healthier food and beverages for our campers.  We are going to extend this limitation this summer to soda and energy drinks (such as Red Bull) that campers have been bringing to camp.  Soda and energy drinks are no longer permitted.  Please do not send them with/for your child.

Teenside campers may still bring drinks like iced tea, Gatorade, lemonade, etc., provided that they fit into the plastic bins described below.  Powdered versions of these drinks may prove to be the most effective way to go.

Food on Teenside

Over the years we have noticed a dramatic increase in the quantity of food and snacks that Teen campers bring to camp, as well as a decrease in the nutritional value.  In light of this, we are adopting the following policy.

We ask families of Teens who choose to bring food to camp to:

i.      Make an effort to select Kosher products out of respect for others in the cabin, and                                                         

ii.      Bring a plastic container no larger than 27-1/8" x 16" x 6-1/4" h.  All food items must fit in this container.  Snacks and food that do not fit in the container will  be confiscated and donated to the local food pantry.

Thank you once again for sharing your children with us and for partnering with us in ensuring they have a safe, healthy, and successful summer.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to be in touch.