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Session Two All Camp Show

Session Two All Camp Show

Thursday, August 15 | by SLC
Category: Program News

All of Camp gathered in the Eddie Cantor Theater just after dinner. Mainside performed, “The Day the Crayons Quit,” and Teenside performed, “The Wizard of Oz.”

Mainside campers were dressed as crayons, sang songs relating to their color, dressed in character, and the audience could truly tell that they were having fun on stage. Drama Tech Specialty campers controlled the lights from the Tech Booth, helped with props on stage and narrated from behind the scenes.

At the second session All Camp Show, the SLC Alumni Association recognizes the Alumni of the Year. Gene Kelly, our Caretaker, won the well-deserved award. Gene started working at Camp in 1992 as the Assistant Caretaker and he’s been here ever since. Gene got married to his wife in the Teenside Dining Room in 1997 and raised his two sons at Camp. Surprise Lake Camp simply wouldn’t be the same without Gene.

Camp also had the honor of recognizing two amazing staff members who have been with us for 25 years. Paul Suchow, our Neil Diamond Music Specialist and Avri Klemer, our Finance Director.

We also recognized our five, six, and seven-year campers. Eight year campers receive personalized jerseys and we even recognized one nine-year camper! We also recognized returning five and ten year staff.

What would the All Camp Show be without the infamous chipwiches? Celia, one of SLC’s Assistant Camp Directors, shared the origin story as campers waited in anticipation. Eddie Cantor, who our theater is named after, and one of our most well known alumni, was a camper in 1903 and 1904 before becoming famous. He was a singer, songwriter, comedian, author and actor. Cantor devoted a great deal of energy to fundraising for Camp. At each All Camp Show, we have ice cream because of the generosity of the Alumni Association who created a fund for this after Eddie Cantor passed away.

Andrea, the Merrylane Supervisor, who has been a part of the SLC family for 18 years, introduced the Jeff Herman Outstanding Athlete Award. Andrea won the award in 2007. A hush always falls over the crowd when the Herman award is announced as it is a very special moment each summer. Jeff Herman was an SLC camper, athlete and enthusiastic leader. His display of sportsmanship went unmatched. Jeff was a New York City Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty. His legacy lives on at SLC, and all over the state through different memorials. This year’s Jeff Herman Outstanding Athlete Award went to two Teenside campers who have shown exemplary kindness, leadership and sportsmanship on and off the fields. Ezra Joffe-Hancock, seven-year camper, and Sabrina Fishman, seven-year camper. Sabrina is following in her mothers footsteps, she won the award in 1992.

Teenside continued the show with their production of “The Wizard of Oz.” Our 13 Drama Specialty campers and 10 Drama Tech campers did an amazing job acting, dancing, and singing – the sets and costumes were great. The show was supported by our first ever Teenside orchestra. With Paul Music on the keyboard, and Sam on the drums, the orchestra was completed with campers playing flute, cello, and bass.

The night was amazing. The performers put their best foot forward, the techs ensured that the night ran smoothly, and our music and drama staff worked hard to support both productions. Stay tuned to our Surprise Lake Camp YouTube channel for full videos of both shows coming soon.