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Staff Orientation: Day Eight

Staff Orientation: Day Eight

Wednesday, June 26 | by SLC
Category: Daily Update

Our staff is extraordinary. The spirit, morale, and community we’ve built over the last eight days and shared with you has been infectious. Our campers are so lucky to be arriving tomorrow in the hands of an amazing team.

The last day of training started with a session with our Directors: Sheryl and Bradley. They spoke about creating an inclusive community and reviewed other important last minute logistics.

Jen, Teenside Head Counselor and Support Supervisor, led a session about best ways to support first time campers.

The last of our training sessions was presented by guest speaker, Michael Mellon. Michael is an expert on camp programming and youth engagement and led a session that focused on handling the unexpected, improvising, and making great decisions.

We began to wrap-up orientation with a ceremony that included giving out staff t-shirts in coordinating colors by unit.

Tomorrow is the big day and our excitement for the campers arrival has increased with each passing day, minute and hour. We are more than ready to welcome your children and we can’t wait for the summer of 2019 to officially begin!