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Staff Orientation: Day Three

Staff Orientation: Day Three

Friday, June 21 | by SLC
Category: Daily Update

Day three of orientation finally brought out the sun! There is much more pep in everyone’s step and we’re taking advantage of the beautiful weather to be outside as much as we can.

This morning we spent time thinking about creating magical moments at Camp. We learned that sometimes the smallest moments mean the most to some campers and that even in the rain, we can create magic. It’s all about our attitude and outlook!

Following lunch, during Hafsakah (rest hour) a staff volleyball game between Team Seth Stein, Get Your Feet Wet Supervisor and Board Member and Team Bradley Solmsen, Executive Director took place on the Mainside Beach Volleyball Court. The players utilized their newly acquired skill of grit and the spectators cheered on the teams.

During a session on Technology and why we unplug at camp, we talked about all of the reasons it’s vital to disconnect from our devices at Camp and reconnect with each other and with nature.

Tonight we will gather for our first staff Shabbat. In only three short days, strangers have become friends and tonight we will feel like a staff community turning into a family.

Session One campers arrive in six days and we can’t wait to spread all of this contagious energy with them. Shabbat Shalom!