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Staff Spotlight: Boaz

Staff Spotlight: Boaz

Monday, July 15 | by SLC
Category: Our Staff

Number of summers at SLC?
This is my first summer at SLC, all the way from Kfar Hess, Israel.

What is your favorite activity at SLC?
My favorite activity is soccer, because it is what I’m best at.

What is your favorite meal at Camp?
Barbecue! There are so many options to choose from. I like the pineapple and mushrooms with chicken.

What do you do when you are not at Camp?
I just finished my service in the Israeli Army six months ago. I like to play soccer with my friends and do magic tricks. When I get home, I will go to work in computer engineering.

What are you enjoying the most this summer?
I love my days off because I get to explore New York. But, I also love my campers. They have so much energy and we play all day.

What is your superpower?
My super power is reading minds. I can tell when the campers need me.

Who would you most like to meet (living or dead) and why?
I would like to meet Elon Musk. He is so fascinating and smart and I want to learn from him. He’s my idol.

What is your favorite Camp song?
My favorite SLC song is Nestling.