Overview | Surprise Lake Camp


Surprise Lake Camp seeks staff who are WOW and who share the same "Standard Of Excellence" that we do!  If you are interested in becoming an SLC staff member, these are two ideals that you should familiarize yourself with.

With a summer staff of 270, camp provides a tremendous social environment.  But the jobs are not easy to get, and we recommend that you apply early.   From our counselors, who spend their day creating memories, to our specialty staff, who give campers the chance to try new and exciting things, to our support staff in the kitchen, office, and other areas, everyone on our staff is truly dedicated to making the summer as wonderful as it can be for our campers.

PositionsTeen Counselors

We break our staff down into four different categories. They are:

Counselors move with their groups throughout the day. They are the leader, helper, listener, and above all, the role model.

On our younger side of camp, Mainside, two counselors are assigned to a group of twelve campers, so responsibility is shared. On our older side of camp, Teenside, one counselor is assigned to a group of eight campers. The groups throughout camp are organized into units of 35 to 60 campers and seven to ten counselors. Each unit has its own supervisor who gives direction to the counselors and oversees the program.
We generally hire specialists in the following areas:  Archery, Arts & Crafts, Adventure (low ropes, high ropes, zip line, climbing tower and group-building activities), Digital Photography, Drama, Golf, Israeli Culture, Jewish Culture, Lifeguard, Physical Fitness, Songleader, Sports, Tennis, Video and Teva (nature, including overnight camping)

Each one is responsible to one of camp's Specialist Supervisor or that area's supervisor.  

In addition to their specific program areas, specialists live in camper units and are expected to assist counselors when not running activities.

Support Staff 
Surprise Lake Camp offers a variety of non-program staff opportunities.  These include Mainside Kitchenkitchen, site assistant (driver), canteen, maintenance, housekeeping, nurses and office staff.  These positions play a significant role in the everyday operation of camp.  They vary in work schedule, and most of them involve some kind of rotating night responsibilities.

If you are 16 or 17 years old, SLC did not forget you!  There are positions as parents’ helpers, office aides, kitchen aides, canteen aides, housekeeping aides and health center aides.  In addition, there are counselor aide positions available for staff finishing their junior year in High School.

Parent Helpers
A summer at camp creates lasting memories for both campers and staff.  Find out for yourself!