Packing for Camp

Hey parents, please be sure to label EVERYTHING!

– Sheryl, Camp Director

Packing for Camp

The most important things to pack for camp are energy, flexibility, and a readiness for adventure! Beyond that, your camper will need some stuff.

Label Everything

If you intend to order nametags or a name stamp, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible. It’s easy to forget! Every item your child brings to camp needs to be clearly labelled with your child’s name. Here’s the order form for one company we suggest: Sterling Name Tape Order Form

Luggage Tags

Watch for our color coded luggage tags arriving by mail. Affix a tag to each bag and make sure the camper’s name is on an additional label inside each bag. With so many people arriving, these tags will make sure your camper’s bag gets to the right cabin quickly.


A commercial laundry service takes each camper’s laundry once a week–included in tuition; no extra charge–and returns it in two or three days washed, dried, and folded. The packing lists account for this frequency and turnaround time. Get Your Feet Wet is so short that campers do not have laundry service.

This laundry service is not recommended for delicates, colors that have never been washed and may bleed, or very expensive items. But please keep those at home anyway. It’s camp!

Spending Money

We recommend you send some spending money so your child can enjoy souvenirs or snacks on trips out of camp. In camp itself, your child does not need money.

Camp covers meals and activities during trips out of camp, but not spending money. Many campers bring some cash for souvenirs or snacks. We recommend $10 for Mountainview, $15 for Lower Seniors, $20 for Upper Seniors and $30 for Teens. You may wish to provide more for Session 2 Upper Teens and Work Program campers who go on the extended, 3-day trip.

Please give any spending money directly to your camper before arriving at camp. On the first day of camp, your child’s unit supervisor will collect the money and keep it in Camp’s safe.