Testimonials | Surprise Lake Camp


"We want to shout out a huge THANK YOU for giving our daughter, Pamela, the most loving and enriching experience at SLC this summer.  You have no idea how special we feel about SLC.  Every one of you handles things with such professionalism & grace & makes SLC the special place that it is... The staff & support has been more than we could have ever imagined.  Pam's Dad and I want you to know how much it means to us that our daughter is safe and loved and learning Jewish spiritual values that has opened up a whole new world - loving friendships, caring counselors and role models, and a sense of community."  


"THANKS to SLC, the staff and everyone who made my girls first sleep away camp experience so fabulous.  I knew when we went on the tour last August that SLC would be a great place for my girls to try sleep away.  Little did I know then that it would be a perfect fit!!  The right balance of Judaism, nature, competition and fun, plus the crunchy, granola touches that suit our children...  The five sentence letters always started and ended with the same phrases:  "I am having sooooooo much fun"  and "gotta go, we are doing something great now."  Thanks a million!  -Michele Riak (mom)


“SLC has always provided me with a special sense of community that you can’t find anywhere else.  Everyone is accepting and interesting, and people just enjoy being friends."  -Jen Hampton (former camper)


“Camp taught me how to appreciate the small things . . . to be blunt, it taught me how to be a good person.” -Andie Biederman (former camper) 


“I would definitely recommend this camp to anyone, hands down, it is perfectly run, completely balance, and a great chance to meet people.”  
-Ben Ryde (camper from England)  


"My daughter tells me that SLC is the place on earth where she feels truly ‘at home."  -Hollie Sue Levine (parent) 

"Best experience of my life…Happy to be an alum and a parent of a camper.”  -Reva LaCross (alumna and parent) 

"SLC makes a huge effort to create a positive life-altering experience in the lives of over 600 children every single year.  As a camper for 7 years and a staff member for about the same, I grew up here . . . SLC gave me a stable, secure home with positive experiences and friends in the darkest times of my life.  Without it, I'd be completely lost and I know that had to do with what worked and what truly mattered.  My counselors weren't babysitters, they were mentors and friends . . . SLC is the place to send your child if you want to give them the ability to be independent, a chance for personal growth, and skill building. It's a place where you come back because you genuinely do feel loved and valued."

Winter Address:  520 Eighth Avenue - 4th Floor, New York, NY 10018

Summer Address:  382 Lake Surprise Road, Cold Spring, NY 10516

Phone: 845-265-3616   Fax: 646-582-0138   Email:  [email protected]