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Timberline Weekly Update

Timberline Weekly Update

Friday, July 23 | by SLC
Category: Program News

It’s hard to believe this is our last week of the first session here at SLC! Time really flies by when you are having fun. Besides all our regularly scheduled group and specialist activities, we were lucky enough to have great weather for two of this session’s most memorable days.

On Tuesday evening was the All Camp Show. For those not familiar, the drama speciality works tirelessly over a 2-3 week time frame to put together a performance where the campers created sets, designed costumes, learned lines and choreography, and tested lighting and sound to ensure the “show must go on.” The main side show was a rendition of the tale Stone Soup. Narrated and performed by the campers, they were a delightful opening. The teen side show took us to the land of Greek Mythology with a stellar rendition of Disney’s Hercules, with an intermission to remember that filled our bellies with Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwiches for all, provided by the Alumni Association.

As if this were not an exciting enough evening, we were surprised when our camp color war, the SLC Olympics, was announced right after the show! The theme was the 1980s and the teams were the Blue Smurfs, White Nintendos, Red Cabbage Patch Kids and Black Rubik’s Cubes. After the cheers finally fell to a hush in the Eddie Cantor Theater, teen side campers were invited to their first team event. The teams completed in an over-under race to Shmerler building where they then had to build a fire for a good old fashioned rope burn. While the fire teams had only a box of matches and the wood provided to them, the ropes were no match as Rubiks Cubes took an early victory. Would that be a sign of things to come?

In the evening, Counselor Captains met to create 80s theme based team chants and cheers. We were able to see the captains hard at work that evening painting banners. Given the effort, teamwork and sports-personship we saw, we knew it was going to be an exciting Olympic day.

In the morning campers sat by teams in the dining hall, cheering and dressed in their team colors. The ruach (spirit) was exploding out every entrance. They proceeded to meet with their teams to learn the chants and cheers, get assignments for the sports and waterfront games, the dance team, as well as design teams for the banner, plaque, and Lego build. No matter what your interest, there were plenty of events to choose from. As a Judge, I had the pleasure of running the beach volleyball event. Campers used their bump-set-spike skills to win the best of three games in order to advance to the finals where the Smurfs edged out the Rubik’s Cubes to add to the Blue Team point total for the day. Were the tides changing? In other events basketball, soccer, and gaga the teams each played their hearts out to add to their team totals as the Nitendos won in basketball and the Cabbage Patch Kids placed well in each event.

In the afternoon, the waterfront and pool games were met with cheers and excitement as they were able to compete and keep cool under the sun. Timberline boys competed in the biggest and smallest splash, where they showed both grace and courage going all in for each team. The most exciting part of the day by far,  was the parade and presentation of the songs, dance, and arts at the Eddie Cantor. With partial scores in, the Rubiks Cubes had the early lead. In these last events, each team performed while judges ranked the performances from 1st-4th and submitted our score cards.

At this point the points being awarded for each evening event could easily shift order for team placement. In the final events, the Rubik’s Cubes showed us their rotating Lego build, the Cabbage Patch Kids wowed us with their plaque, the Smurfs showed off their moves as their dancers performed a mash-up of 80s songs while battling the evil Gargamel and Azrael the cats, and the Nintendos cheered our ears off as their voices echoed back over the lake.

With all events completed and the scores being calculated, Sheryl led us in an all camp Nestle. As scores were announced, the Nitnendoes finished 4th with only a few thousand points separating 1st to 4th place. The Smurfs were announced as the 3rd pace finishers as the two remaining teams erupted in cheer. Whammy then taught us all about the “importance of second place.” The campers, captains and counselors held hands in anticipation of the announcement of the 2nd place team. With a razor thing points difference it was announced that the Rubik’s Cubes were the 2nd place finishers and the Red Cabbage Patch were the 2021 SLC Olympic champs! Cheers, hugs, and tears were shed as they celebrated their victory while each of the other teams sang congratulatory chants of their own.

As we finish up this week, campers had a social event Thursday night called Club Surprise, where they dress up, dance and dine in style in our teenside dining hall that is transformed by the Leadership campers. Finally, Saturday evening will be our last event of the session where all campers again gather in the Eddie Cantor Theater for our SLC Sing Competition and Slideshow. This year our SLC Sing Team has been working all week to teach their friends the song and dance moves that may allow us to claim the coveted SLC Sing title, bragging rights, and T-shirts.

If you haven’t already, please check out pictures of all these events and more posted daily on our website. It’s hard to believe that we are writing this with only three days left in the first session. For those of you doing pick-up on Sunday, families with siblings are scheduled to be here at 8:00 AM and the lower teen campers are scheduled for 10:00 AM. For those of you with campers staying (woo-hoo!), please make sure to see the email sent yesterday from Bradley & Sheryl to schedule your Zoom Visiting Day. They can’t wait to see you all soon! Keep writing and sending emails to find out even more about their experience as we all work hard to make this a summer to remember.

With appreciation,
Josh, Unit Supervisor and the entire team