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Week Two Cedarwood / Lower Sr Boys Update

Week Two Cedarwood / Lower Sr Boys Update

Friday, July 16 | by SLC
Category: Camp Families

Cedarwood has been a well oiled machine this session.

Despite any challenges, the kids are still finding time to enjoy themselves and truly be kids. Earlier in the week we went on a beautiful sunset hike to Cornish. It was a brotherhood activity to bring the unit closer. It was amazing how the unit was listening to stories and experiencing  this special camp activity. This is something many of the campers talked about for the next few days and something we will be doing again before some of them go home.

In addition to the activities during the day, nighttime is where we truly get to sit down and have discussions while playing games over cards. Common themes we talk about are baseball, basketball, marvel comics, and many of the books they have been reading. We all talk at night and all the campers wind down after by brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed.

Many of the kids have exceeded my expectations and are truly becoming more independent and doing things by themselves like brushing their teeth, making their own beds, and being prepared for the activities. Many of the activities we do during the day involve teamwork and communication. Some examples are going into the refreshing pool for buddy calls, 3 v 3 pickup games for basketball, and even on the adventure courses.

We all see these campers growing and adjusting to the camp environment. Within the next few days we have activities like 9 square, campfires, and my personal favorite of shabbat services. It is so exciting to see your children grow from the first few days into the veterans that they appear to be now.

Shabbat Shalom!

Devin (Unit Supervisor) and the rest of the team