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Week Two Highlands Update

Week Two Highlands Update

Friday, July 16 | by SLC
Category: Camp Families

This week has been full of fun. On Sunday night we had breakdancers come and perform for the campers. Everyone had a lot of energy and the campers joined in on the dancing as well!

On Monday we had cupcake wars. Each group was given a theme and had to make their personal or group cupcake fit the theme. Then we ate them of course!

Tuesday we did Karaoke and made candy sushi. It is so fun to see the campers being creative and stepping out of their comfort zones. The campers decided to have a fake wedding that they put together themselves and assigned people roles. It was cute and they had a lot of fun.

On Wednesday we spent the entire morning on a hike with Whammy! We went to Bull hill and the Hinterlands where we picked berries and ate trail mix. The campers were helping each other through the hard parts of the hike and in moments where some campers were having a bit more trouble, those were some of my favorite moments of the hike. It was nice to see everyone finish the hike and feel accomplished. That night we had a pool party which was a huge hit with the campers.

Thursday was the carnival which was spectacular. There were rides, face painting, temporary tattoos, and inflatables. The campers loved it and it was a nice sunny day. Today we have personal pizza making and tonight will be Shabbat. Friday night services are always a nice time when the entire unit comes together with the rest of mainside and all wear white.

We are looking forward to the week to come where we will have many exciting activities planned.

Jessie (Highlands Unit Supervisor) and the entire Highlands Team