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What a Surprise

What a Surprise

Monday, July 15 | by SLC
Category: Daily Update

Today’s Menu:

BreakfastFrench toast
LunchQuesadillas, guacamole, corn, salsa and sautéed vegetables
DinnerChicken wings, carrots and onion rings

In the morning we provide a breakfast bar with fresh fruit, assorted cereals, yogurt, granola, and hard boiled eggs. For lunch and dinner, we have a salad bar with a variety of greens, proteins, veggies and dressings.

Today’s Weather:

Sunshine and clouds with a high near 85°F during the day. Partly cloudy skies in the evening with a low near 63°F.

Highlights of the Day:

Frontier is going on a hike to Breakneck Overlook. Along the way, they’ll pass blueberry bushes that are safe to pick from. From the top, they’ll get a spectacular view of the Hudson River.

This week each of our units will be participating in a creative program that mirrors the show “Cupcake Wars.” Campers get to exercise their creativity as they decorate cupcakes with their groups with almost endless choices of toppings.

Girls entering 5th grade are playing soccer at Camp Kinder Ring.

The last week of Camp is full of creative programming. Mountainview is going frog hunting today with their counselor Jordan who has an affinity for nature. Jordan teaches them about how to catch frogs properly, how to tell where they come from and how old they are, just by looking at them!