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What a Surprise

What a Surprise

Friday, July 19 | by SLC
Category: Daily Update

Today’s Menu:

BreakfastScrambled eggs and English muffins
LunchEggplant parmesan and garlic bread
DinnerOnion soup, beef bourguignon and sautéed vegetables

In the morning we provide a breakfast bar with fresh fruit, assorted cereals, yogurt, granola, and hard boiled eggs. For lunch and dinner, we have a salad bar with a variety of greens, proteins, veggies and dressings.

Today’s Weather:

Hot! Sunny skies during the day with a high of 97°F. A few clouds from time to time in the evening with a low of 80°F.

Highlights of the Day:

Shabbat Shalom. Tonight, we begin our final Shabbat of first session. Campers and staff are reflecting on the last four weeks. Our staff learns equally as much from the campers as the campers learn from the staff. To have a place where people from different backgrounds, upbringings and personalities mesh so well together, is truly special. At SLC, our community thrives on the diversity each person brings to Camp. Over the last four weeks, we have all worked together to become teams who play in sports games, groups who sing for all of camp to hear and units who were strangers at the beginning of the summer.

Our last days are filled with creative programming. From tie-dying to “extreme puddle jumping” and jewelry making, the memories that campers are taking home with them at the end of their summer are endless.

A reminder that there will not be a What a Surprise post for tomorrow, as we observe Shabbat. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.