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What a Surprise

What a Surprise

Thursday, July 25 | by SLC
Category: Daily Update

Today’s Menu:

LunchGrilled cheese with tomato soup and steamed broccoli

In the morning we provide a breakfast bar with fresh fruit, assorted cereals, yogurt, granola, and hard boiled eggs. For lunch and dinner, we have a salad bar with a variety of greens, proteins, veggies and dressings.

Today’s Weather:

Mainly sunny with a high of 81°F during the day and clear skies in the evening with a low of 60°F.

Highlights of the Day:

Today, our new session of Work Program campers will travel to a local ropes course for a team building session. Work Program campers are held to a high standard at SLC. They’ve interviewed for their position in the program and part of their experience is learning about all that is involved in being staff members at SLC. They start the session with this team building workshop to kickoff their leadership training.

Tonight, Frontier, Merrylane, Sherwood and Work Program have a pool party! Pool parties are a special treat for campers because they get to interact with other units in the pool. Evening pool parties involve water toys, trips down the slide and music under the pool deck lights!