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What a Surprise

Sunday, June 30 | by SLC
Category: Daily Update

Today’s Menu:

LunchLasagna and blondies
DinnerSteak fajitas and cinnamon cake

In the morning we provide a breakfast bar with fresh fruit, assorted cereals, yogurt, granola, and hard boiled eggs. For lunch and dinner, we have a salad bar with a variety of greens, proteins, veggies and dressings.

Today’s Weather:

A mix of clouds and sun with the possibility of a stray shower in the afternoon. High of 80°F and low of 60°F.

Highlights of the Day:

Shabbat was spectacular. We all met at the Eddie Cantor Theatre for services where the campers and staff soaked in the euphoria of gathering as an entire Camp. The birds were chirping, the trees on the mountain were swaying in unison and the sun was shining down on us. Maayan and Sam, our Jewish Learning team, led services accompanied by Paul and Richard, our musical duo. Campers met up with their siblings and friends on Shabbat Walk, a free period for them to enjoy the waterfront, play on the ball field, eat cookies from the kiddush and explore Camp.

There’s something about Shabbat walk that brings out the courage of campers at SLC. In this free period, they have the freedom to choose how they spend their time. An independence they may not get in the midst of their busy schedules at home and during the school year. Some campers use the time to swim 20 laps at the waterfront, the first step to taking a kayak, sailboat or paddle board practical. Some choose to relax and write letters, walk the ball field or sit by the flag pole, overlooking the lake. When Shabbat walk is over, we meet for lunch and the campers share the different things they did, taking pride in the way they chose to spend their time.

Following our day of rest, today is a busy day at SLC. Work Program is participating in an all-day team building activity. Mountainview is going on a hike with Whammy and Frontier and Idyllwood are going on overnights. Path to Drumming is coming to visit Teenside campers for the second time to lead a drum circle program. We mentioned Path to Drumming in our mid-year program update here!

Camp is off to an awesome start. Stay tuned for blog posts on the exciting things happening here today.