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Work Program

Work Program: SLC Leadership Development Experience

Build your leadership skills, be a role model to younger campers, and make Surprise Lake Camp even better. If you will be 15 before next summer, apply to join our leadership development experience to make your last year as a camper even more meaningful. The program combines the ​best parts of being a camper with a chance to experience some of the team-building, responsibilities, and benefits of an introduction to being on our staff.

The experience includes weekly planning and daily coaching sessions that build leadership skills and special team bonds. You’ll try your hand at various camp jobs for four hours each day. Some of the work is with younger campers, and some is “behind the scenes” such as shifts in the Office or the Health Center. During the rest of the day, you’ll swim, play sports, do arts, hike, sing, and enjoy your favorite camp activities in a specially designed program. At night, you can choose to hang out with the older campers on Teenside or the younger staff on Mainside.

Interview and 15th birthday required! You must be a young adult who has turned 15 by June 30th. Since Work Program requires a higher level of responsibility than being a camper, everyone who applies must have an interview, either in person or by video chat. This interview is your chance to show your positive attitude toward working, which is an absolute requirement.

Interviews for this highly competitive program are held in the fall.  An email will be sent to all eligible campers informing you of interview dates/times.



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