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Recorded Events

Here are links to virtual events that have already taken place:


Storytime With Neil (May 19)

Timberline Meetup (May 19)

Journeys Way Meetup hosted by Tyler (May 19)

Chickens with Sheryl (May 19)

Get Your Feet Wet Meetup hosted by Gayle and Seth (May 17)

Yoga with Jen HB (May 16)

Welcoming Shabbat with Paul Elaine (May 15)

Idyllwood Meetup hosted by Jessie (May 14)

Merrylane Meetup hosted by Andrea (May 13)

Making Ice Cream in a Bag with Dena (May 13)

Storytime with Neil (May 12)

Work Program Meetup Hosted by Sam (May 12)

Boulderhill / Lakeview Meetup Hosted by Dena (May 11)

Space with Jacob (May 11)

Yoga with Jen HB (May 9)

Welcoming Shabbat with Paul & Elaine (May 8)

Storytime with Neil (May 5)

Parent Information Session (May 5)

Welcoming Shabbat with Paul & Elaine (May 1)


Bingo with Andrea, J-Po, & Kenny (April 30)

Jazz Dance and Tik Tok with Miss Amanda (April 29)

Storytime with Neil (April 28)

Soccer Skills with Cameron & Evin (April 28)

Yoga with Jen HB (April 25)

Welcoming Shabbat with Paul & Elaine (April 24)

Camp Tour with Sheryl (April 22)

Storytime with Neil (April 21)

Doodle & Dough with Dena (April 20)

Round up with Gabby & Jacob (April 18)

Welcoming Shabbat with Paul & Elaine (April 17)

Mainside Meetup with Sheryl (April 16)

Teenside Talent Show & Meetup with Andrea (April 15)

Storytime with Neil (April 14)

Mainside Talent Show with Gabby, Jared, & Seth (April 14)

Newspaper with Ksenia & Sydney (April 13)

Yoga with Jen HB (April 11)

Name That Tune with Zoe (April 8)

Story Time with Neil (April 7)

Sing Down with Jenn (April 7)

Camp Tour with Sheryl (April 6)

Disney Sing-Along with Tyler (April 1)


Story Time with Neil (March 31)

Upcycling with Lulu (March 30)

Cooking with Dena (March 27) Challah Recipe

Scavenger Hunt (March 25)

Story Time with Neil (March 24)

Teva with Randi & Lulu (March 23)