I made friends right away!

Oren, First Year Camper

Placing Your Camper in the Right Group

In order to ensure that your camper has the best experience possible, we will work with you so that they are placed in the right group*. We take several factors into account when placing campers:

  • Grade (as opposed to age)**
    • Mainside (current 1st – 6th graders)
    • Teenside (current 7th-10th grader
  • Existing relationships
  • Balancing new and returning campers
  • Individual Needs

Help us find the right group* for your camper:

  • SLC ensures that at least one group request will be met per camper.
  • You will also be able to request that your camper NOT be grouped with another camper. (These requests take precedence.)

*Please Note: Groups are 8 to 12 campers sleeping in up 1-3 cabins and serve as the primary social unit for living, programming, and meals throughout the session.

**Campers are put in units (3 to 6 groups) based on grade because of varying school district cut-off dates for grade placement.

Mainside Info

Mainside is for campers who have completed 1st – 6th graders before the start of camp.

Teenside Info

Campers are eligible to be on Teenside if they have completed 7th grade before the start of camp.