1902 Legacy Society

Joining The 1902 Society is my promise that I will one day give back to the place that gave so much to me.

– Allie Ball

1902 Legacy Society

The 1902 Society empowers every camp alum, parent, grandparent, and friend to fulfill Surprise Lake Camp’s mission: to provide the magic of summer camp to every child, regardless of ability to pay. Back in 1902, the camp’s founders established SLC as a life-changing summer home where cost would pose no barrier. Today’s 1902 Society Members (please scroll down to see the list) carry forward that legacy.

Explore the Possibilities

We are always happy to answer any questions and help you consider your choices. Contact Development Office by email or call us at 845-265-3616.

Become a Member of The 1902 Society

Simply sign the Letter of Intent, expressing your wish to include Surprise Lake Camp in your estate plans. We hope you will let us know when you have done this, so that we may thank you for your generosity and keep you informed of camp’s ongoing plans and successes.

Formalize Your Intent

After you sign the Letter of Intent, please consult with your professional tax advisor or financial planner to establish your financial plans. For many people, formalizing their gift can be as simple as naming Surprise Lake Camp as a beneficiary of their life insurance policy or retirement account, or adding the following line their will or trust:“I give and bequeath to Surprise Lake Camp the sum of (choose one) $________ or_______% of my estate.”

Lots of ways to give

You may wish to consult with your estate planner to decide which of these to choose:

Bequests by Will or Living Trust: Designate either a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate

Life Insurance: Contribute an existing policy or establish a new policy, naming Surprise Lake Camp as owner or beneficiary.

Retirement Account: Name Surprise Lake Camp as a beneficiary of your account.

Donor Advised Fund: A flexible opportunity to suggest a variety of uses for your gifts

Life Income Gift gives you income and a tax deduction. Examples:

  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Lead Trusts

Appreciated Investments: Give real estate, securities, mutual funds, or business interests to minimize taxes and maximize your impact.

What you’ll receive

Members of the 1902 Society are very special to SLC. As member, you can expect:

  • A deeper relationship with SLC during your lifetime
  • Special recognition in newsletters and other materials
  • Invitations to special events
  • An annual update letter
  • The satisfaction of knowing your legacy will make a difference for future SLC campers.

Members of the 1902 Society

We are extremely grateful to the following individuals who have included Surprise Lake Camp in their estate plans. Your commitment may inspire others, making your impact even greater!

Anonymous (5)
Estelle & Herbert Adler
Paola & Ronnie Adragna/Gilbert
Michele Albo
Jacob Albrecht
Marcia & Bob Altabet
Jennifer & Marc Ambrose
Walter Arnstein*
Margery Arsham
Margie & Bob Atwater
Celia Baczkowski
Sylvaine Baczkowski
Jason Bailis & Jeff Henderson
Marilyn Bailis & Jerry Mark*
Tracie & Mark Basch
Peter D. Baum
Pearl & Harry Belkowitz
Janeen Bellafiore Levine & Brian Levine
Jennifer Herman Benalt & Adam Benalt
Karen* & Adam Bendeson
Lauren & Mark Benmoise
Molly Benton*
Jake Berg
Evie & Jon Berger
Blanche Berk
Howie Berk
Jeff Berk
Jennifer & Matthew Berk
Michael Berk
Andie Biederman
Jake Biederman
Brian Blaufeux
Robbie & Steven Bloom
Martin Blum
Nelson Braff
Amy Bram
Elyse Braun
Jill Breder
Mitchell Brenner
Ezra Cahn
Justin K. Cantor
Meridee Simon Cole
Nancy Chanin Collins
Larry Cooperstein
Anita Cruso
Jane Hershey Cuozzo
Dave Dale*
Jordan Dale
Kate & David Danino
Mia Desmedt
Jon Dickie
Wendy & James Dinn
Michele Mars DiRuggiero
Laurie Dobkin-Helm
Jenna Dorfman-Tandlich
Matt Dorter
Jill Dosik
Mandy Efrati
Amie Ettinger
Michael Fandal
Lori Heitzner Fishman
Seth Fishman
David Fleischner
Paulette Ann Forgacs
Ralph Forgacs
Beulah Fox*
Gregory Fox
Robert French
Glen Frick
Marissa Garfinkel
Rose & Harris Ghersin
Scott Gilden
Allie (Ball) and Jordan Golan
Amy Goldberg
Dr. Joseph Goldberg
Rabbi Claire Ginsburg Goldstein
Michelle Goldstein
Shira Goldstein
Linda & Ben Gordon
Melissa Gordon
Stephen Gordon
Karen Gorsky & Vicky Eggleton
Jaclyn Greenbaum
Pam & Jay Greenbaum
Suzy Greenberg
Shira & Evan Greenblatt
Rob Greenspan
Aurora Luna Griggs
Harold Grinspoon
Brenda & Matthew Grosshandler
Andrea & Arthur Gruber



Michael Gurman
Michael Gutenplan
Gwen & Larry Hamberg
Julia Handel
Irving Harris*
Dayle Henshel
Joy Henshel
Patti Henshel
Andrew Hess
Barbara & Stanley* Hirsch
Roberta & Peter Hirsch
Thelma & Sanford Hochberg
Jennifer Hochstadt
Margot Hodes & David Rosenstrauch
Gayle Hoffman
Jason A. Hoffman
Nancy & Alan Hoffman
Carol Robin Horowitz
Rachel Israel
Seymour Israel
Sharon & Jeff Jacobs
Suzanne Jacobs & Jeff Borkan
Zach Jacobs
Amy & Bruce Jaffe
Chuck Jainchill
Susie Jainchill & Tsahi Gelardin
Danielle Johnson
Erez Jontef
Stan Josephson
Michael Kall
Linda Kane
Irwin Karp
Erica Karron
Heidi & Bruce Katz
Karri & Joel “Whammy” Kaufman
Faith Altschuler Kirkpatrick
Sheryl Kirschenbaum
Alan Kleiman
Barbra & Ty Klein
Ele Klein
Wendy Kleinman
Andrew Kominik
Andrew Korn
Marc Krigsman
Robin & Gordon* Krompier
Ellen & Jeff Lambert
Karen & Stewart Lantner
Maureen & Howard Lantner
Moran & Murray Lantner
Dena & Elly Levine
Galit & Alan Levine
Mark Levine
Michele Mark Levine
Fred Levy
Randi & Scott Lieberman
Ted Liebowitz
Laura & Carter Mansbach
Dylan Marcus
Jamie Marcus
Judy & Michael* Margulies
Lisa Mark
Linda Markowitz
Marissa Marx
Caryl & Mike Melasky
Paul Mermelstein
Miriam Messinger & Felicia Hayes
Ruth Messinger
Emilie & Andrew Meyer
Estelle Meyer*
Jerry Meyer
Roberta & Jim Meyer
Jodie Meyer & Steven Tuber
Lee Meyer
Jonathan Miller
Susan Feldman-Miller
Barb & Steve Mink
Jill (Simon) & John Miskanic
Karen & Jim Morrison
Suzanne & Steven Moses
Elizabeth Moskow & Ari Kaufman
Suzanne Moskowitz
Alyse Kunkin Murabito
Roni & Jason Nadell
Stephen Nitkin
Joey Novick
Paul Novick
Shelli & Larry Olinsky
Emily Palmiotto
Stacey & Rob Panepinto
Jerry Person
Esther Pessin

Nicole Pilevsky & Joseph Osheroff
Johanna Pinzler & Avri Klemer
Julia Pisetsky
Serge Podolski
Jared Pollet
Sheila* & Ken Pollet
Lee Posniack
Jillian & Brian Rauer
Marc Rentzer
Andrew “AJ” Retig
Shari Riechelson
Michael Rieger
David Rimmer
Max Damon Robkoff
F. Peter Rose*
Robert Rosenbaum
Gail & Dan Rosner
Michele & David Rosner
Eve Rubinstein
Mara Rubinstein
Robin & Larry Rubinstein
Rebecca Safeer
Judy Freiser Sails & Steven Sails
Alan Saltz
Bryan Salz
Carolyn & Dave* Samuels
Joshua Sarkozi
Robert Schechter
Talia Schneider
Meri & Paul Schoenblum
Dan Schulman
Andrew Schuster
Gayle Schwartz
Maria & Ken* Seligson
Julia & Michael Seltzer
Eliot Senor
Isaac Shapiro
Laurie Feldman-Shepherd
Joanne Sherain
Peter Sheridan
Roy Shirwindt*
Cindy Shmerler
Jenna Sidor
Nancy & Lee Sidor
Harvey Sills*
Rebecca Solomon
Steve Sommer
Susan Namm Spencer
Randi Sperber
Jeff Spiegel
Gary Spielvogel
Seth Stein
Charles Stendig
Adele & Henry Stern
Brittany Sternberg
Denis Sternberg
Matthew Stollerman
Elaine & Paul Suchow
Joshua Suchow
Jennifer Sussell
Ilana (Lambert) & Michael Sussman
Audrey & Mark Tenenhaus
Bret Tenenhaus
Lisa Tenenhaus
Mike Tenenhaus
Alice & Steve Terner*
Jennifer Anne Toback
Allison Tratner
Susan & Matthew Tratner
Jared Tyler
Marlene & “Ranger” Barry Vegter
Jordan Waldman
Charles D. Wasserman
Wendy & Stu Waxman
Lisa & Steve Weinberg
Diane* & Allen Weiner
David Weintraub
Julie & Neil Weintraub
Tommy Wills
Jennifer & Benjamin Wind
Abbe Wittenberg & Rob Schneider
Cheryl & David Wolff
Anne & Joel Zbar
Barbara & Michael Zbar
Elise & Corey Zbar
Jordana Zbar
Richie Zbar
Steven Zbar
Arthur Zilz
Jaime Zuckerberg

* This person reached beyond his/her own life to enrich the future.
They left the world a little better than they found it. May their memory be a blessing.