Why Choose SLC

It's the best experience I can be giving my kids. SLC focuses on what's important and nothing else ... just community and togetherness."

– SLC Parent

Why Choose SLC

You’ll find as many reasons to choose Surprise Lake Camp as stars on a clear summer night. This community is exceptionally caring. We’re passionate about what we believe—and about our people, this place, and each camper’s experience. Choose SLC and see for yourself! Click here to learn about upcoming tours and camp fairs.

Read Top 10 Reasons to Choose SLC

Warm, welcoming community creates lifelong friendships

Campers live “10-for-2,” dreaming all year of the two months they spend here with their closest friends ever.

Dozens of fun activities & electives build confidence & skills

Sports of all kinds, visual and performing arts, and so much more in a program that balances structure and choice, as well as skill-building and fun!

Engaging, energetic Jewish life nurtures joy and pride

Whatever your family’s Jewish background, you’ll love Shabbat and Jewish living here.

Excellent, skilled staff make safety and camper care top priority

Your child will be safe, known, and well-cared for by our year-round and summer staff.

Convenient location, just 60 miles from NYC

You can drive, send your child by Metro-North train or plane (by prior arrangement), or use our convenient bus service from NYC and NJ.

First-time camper programs make it especially easy to get started

Sometimes a shorter session is just right!

Deep commitment to tuition assistance: more than any other Jewish camp we know of

We believe that a Surprise Lake Camp experience should be accessible for every Jewish child.

Year-round programs offer a home for your whole family

Family camping, hiking, even Rosh Hashanah services by the lake!