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Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser 2024
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Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser 2024

February 11

Help the SLCAA raise money for camp scholarships by participating in our Super Bowl Squares box pool!

The entrance fee is $36 per box, and you can buy as many boxes as you’d like (first come first serve). The SLC Alumni Association will retain fifty percent of the cash pool, which will be used to benefit the SLC Scholarship Fund. The remaining money will go to the winners, as follows:

End of game winner: $900**
1st half winner: $450
1st quarter winner: $225
3rd quarter winner: $225

**Please note that if the game goes to overtime, the 4th quarter winner this year will receive $225 ($75 for the Ten Dollar Grid) while the end of game winner will receive $675 ($150 for the Ten Dollar Grid). We are enacting this change to avoid any confusion in case there is a second overtime. This is also how standard pools do it.**

How It Works:

People participate by purchasing boxes on a 10 x 10 grid (boxes selected at random/we will not be honoring specific requests). Once you sign up and pay (below), your name will be written on a box in the grid. Once all boxes have been filled in, the grid is labeled 0 through 9 in random order along the horizontal and vertical axis. These numbers correspond to score tallies for the two teams in the game. At the end of each quarter of the game, whichever box corresponds to the trailing digit of the scores for each team wins a portion of the pot in the pool. For example, at the end of the first half for the 1969 Super Bowl, the New York Jets led the Baltimore Colts 7-0. If you had a 7 for the Jets and a 0 for the Colts, you would have won the money for the first half.


SLC Super Bowl Squares 2024

Thank you for your interest, but all of our boxes for this year have been filled! Please try again next year.