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Sleeping Accommodations

There are a number of different housing options and pricing based on the size of your group and day(s) of the week you choose to come.  All of our cabins have electricity.  Click on each heading below to view pictures.

Mountainview (Communal room plus private room) 

Twelve beds on each floor with one private room.  Two floors plus one mid-level bathroom in each building.  Eight buildings total.

# of Beds:  112

Available April 30-October 15 (except July & August when camp is in session)

Winterized Lodges (Communal room plus private room)

Each sleeps up to 20 people using bunk beds (three available!)

Available January 1-December 31 (except July & August when camp is in session)

Mainside Health Center (Heated) (Communal rooms plus 3 private rooms)

Sleeps up to 18 people

Available April - December (except July & August when camp is in session)

Private Houses/Cabins 

Each house sleeps 1-6 people  

Available April 30-October 15 (except July & August when camp is in session)

Camper Cabins 

Each cabin can sleep up to four people (five with a bunkbed) and tend to be simple and rustic.  A toilet and sink are attached to the end of one section of cabins, and shower facilities are nearby.

Available April 30-October 15 (except July & August when camp is in session)

Program Facilities

The Eddie Cantor Theater

Our 1000 seat Eddie Cantor Theater, which overlooks the lake, has a sophisticated light and sound system and is an excellent place for events and shows.

 Eddie Cantor View From Seats  Eddie Cantor Exterior 

Eddie Cantor Theater Panoramic Shot

The Belle Abramson Gymnasium  
Our state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot gymnasium with scoreboard, bleachers, lockers, and showers can host a wide range of sporting activities.


The Little Playhouse

Newly renovated, spacious, well-lit room with a beautiful vaulted ceiling.  Stunning views of our swimming pool and lake.  Perfect for meetings, ceremonies, lectures, or social events.  Equipped with two restrooms.

little_playhouse_w_chairs_1.jpg little_playhouse_w_chairs_2.jpg

The Rec Room (Moosehead Room)

Large, charming hall with views of the lake.  Perfect for meetings, assemblies, or parties, this space is heated and can be set up in a variety of ways to suit your needs.  


The Marjorie Wyler Library

Intimate, with stunning views of our lake, this space comfortably seats 20-30 people for lectures, discussions, quiet activities, and more.


The Joy & Harry Henshel Swimming Pool

Built in 2016, this state-of-the-art swimming pool is heated and lit, which makes it perfect for pool parties, night and day!  The pool has an ultraviolet filtration system, which reduces the amount of
chlorine needed.  It also eliminates the chloramines that produce that chlorine smell and irritate people who are sensitive to chlorine.  The pool measures 75 feet by 40 feet, with a shallow water extension measuring another 20 by 20.  Depth ranges from three feet to eight feet.  


Organic Farm

The Surprise Lake Camp Farm promotes awareness of sustainable agriculture, food justice, organic farming, and responsible stewardship of the planet’s ecosystems.  Rooted in Jewish values and traditions, the program allows campers the opportunity to participate in a range of activities from planting, to cultivation and harvesting while taking ownership of the farm’s produce which consists of more than thirty varieties of fruits and vegetables.

The farm consists of a large vegetable garden, vineyard, fruit orchard, butterfly garden, apiary, and extensive flower beds designed to create a harmonious environment for wildlife, insects, birds, and over 400 farmers, ages 7-17. 

aug_21_5.jpg farm_after_2_0.jpg img_20150809_1127128_rewind.jpg

Other recreational activities possible during an organized retreat include swimming, boating, fishing, tennis, beach volleyball, softball, basketball, hiking, crafts, a visit to our organic farm, zip line, high and low ropes, and a climbing tower.  Some of these activities are available for an additional charge.  Please inquire for more information.

Winter Address:  520 Eighth Avenue - 4th Floor, New York, NY 10018

Summer Address:  382 Lake Surprise Road, Cold Spring, NY 10516

Phone: 845-265-3616   Fax: 646-582-0138   Email:  [email protected]