Greening Initiatives | Surprise Lake Camp

Greening Initiatives

Surprise Lake Camp has a deep institutional commitment to environmental stewardship.   We have a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, our reliance on non-renewable resources, and our use of toxic chemicals.  Here are just some of the ways that we do this:

  • Camp wide bottle and can recycling program
  • Camp wide paper recycling program
  • Camp wide battery recycling program
  • Kitchen composting program
  • Energy efficient interior and exterior lighting
  • Solar panels on our gymnasium
  • Use of green cleaning products
  • Use of electric golf carts
  • Electric hand dryers in Main Building restrooms

In addition to the practices already in place, we will consider future possibilities such as hydroelectric production at our dam, enhanced insulation, hybrid or electric vehicles, etc.  We recognize that in some cases this may involve added expense, but we are prepared to absorb this expense, both in our operating budget and with respect to capital projects, within reason.  We feel that the return on investment in the form of healthier, more ecologically aware young people is worth it, not to mention the benefits to our country and to the planet as a whole.

We are grateful to the Jewish Greening Fellowship (JGF), a program of the UJA Federation of NY and the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, for helping to fund some of the initiatives listed above.  The JGF program aims at reducing the environmental impacts of Jewish organizations in the New York area, generating meaningful responses to global climate change with strengthening Jewish life, and cultivating Jewish communal professionals to be leaders in environmental change.

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