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1902 Society Appreciation Day

1902 Society Appreciation Day

Friday, August 5, 2022
Category: Alumni, Giving

The 1902 Legacy Society is a crucial piece to the puzzle that make Surprise Lake Camp so special. These individuals have included SLC in their estate plans. Their generosity will help provide the magic of summer camp to every child, regardless of ability to pay well into the future. Back in 1902, the camp’s founders established SLC as a life-changing summer home where cost would pose no barrier. Today’s 1902 Society Members carry forward that legacy.

Each summer we hold an annual barbecue for the 1902 Society. It’s an opportunity for Camp to say thank you, and show their sincere appreciation for this special group of alumni and friends who care so deeply about the future of Camp, they want to perpetuate their values and their lifetime giving through their estate plans. Members also expressed their gratitude for Camp, reminisced on their days here as campers, and reconnected with staff and friends of Surprise Lake. A highlight of the day was the opportunity to participate in intergenerational activities with our current campers, including TEVA, Drama, Arts & Crafts and more.

Lee Posniack, from Rockland County, attended with his with his family. He has been a part of our SLC community since 2006, when he started here as a Supervisor on Teenside. He worked here through 2010. Posniack says that becoming a member of the 1902 Society was a “no brainer.” From the time he worked at Camp, he saw kids who dreamed of their summers at SLC. This desire made him consider how he could help for years to come, and future generations of campers who live “10 for 2.”

Michael Fandal was a camper in 1961 and 1962. He explained, “Camp was a pivotal experience, but it was a part of my past.” He went to a high school reunion many years later and someone from SLC recognized him. Fandal returned to Camp the next Alumni Day to fulfill a dream of taking his deep-water test. He later joined the 1902 Society because he had a deep appreciation for Camp and he wanted to give back.

In 1938, Barbara Zbar’s father was a camper. She became a camper in 1965 and a staff member in 1972. Zbar started in the kitchen, worked numerous jobs, and then became a counselor. When asking her why she was a member of the 1902 Society, her response was “How could I not be? We want Surprise Lake to be here forever.” Barbara met her husband Mike at SLC and their family continues their relationship with Camp into a fourth generation as their granddaughter is here for her first summer.

Marc Krigsman became a part of the SLC family in 1975 as a camper. He continued his legacy on the staff as a lifeguard. His son, Jaime, is a Camp lifeguard now and his daughter Em-J is a counselor in Highlands. His response as to why he became a member of the 1902 society was simply put by his children, “When he used to drive us up the Camp road, he was happier than we were.” Krigsman added, “I was overjoyed to share this place for generations to come.”

Jill Dosik, a former camper from New York City, came to Camp for six years in the early 70’s. She says, “Camp was a formative experience for me. I joined the 1902 Society in gratitude, for this is a place where kids can flourish.”

Everyone at Surprise Lake is deeply grateful for those that have dedicated a piece of their life and made this significant commitment to Camp. Thanks to them, Camp will be around for generations to come. If you would like information about joining the 1902 Society, please click here  for more information,  email Lindsey Brown, or call 845-265-3616, ext. 13.