A Day in the Life

Our kids love Surprise Lake Camp! It is a second home for them.

– SLC Parent

A Day In The Life

Surprise Lake Camp has two “sides:” Mainside (current 1st – 6th graders​) and Teenside (current 7th-10th graders). Connected in many ways, each has its own side of camp, its own side of our lake, and its own, age-tailored approach.
See what a day might feel like on each side, through the eyes of typical campers.

Daily Schedule At-a-Glance

Mainside (current 1st – 6th graders)Teenside (current 7th-10th graders)
7:30amWake up, campers!
Wake up, campers!
8amRound-Up (songs & cheers)

8:15amBreakfast (8:15 am Mainside)
Breakfast (8:15 am Teenside)
9amClean Up
Clean Up
9:45amFirst Activity
First Activity
10:50amSecond Activity
Second Activity
11:55amThird Activity
Third Activity
1:45pmHafsakah/Rest TimeHafsakah/Rest & Free Time
3pmFirst Afternoon Activity
First Afternoon Activity
4:15pmSecond Afternoon ActivitySecond Afternoon Activity
5:15pmThird Afternoon Activity
Third Afternoon Activity
7:15pmEvening Activity
Evening Activity
8:30pmBack Up to Cabins
Open Curfew: Games & Free Time
9:30pmLights OutBack Up to Cabins
10:30pmLights Out

Journey through Mainside

Mainside (current 1st – 6th graders) starts off with more structure, some choice, and lots of close supervision. Campers gain more choice and independence as they grow into being the Mainside Seniors. Let a typical first-time camper we’ll call Nathan guide you through a typical day on Mainside.

Journey through teenside

Teenside (current 7th – 10th graders​) has an atmosphere all its own, more relaxed and independent. The teenagers have more choice and more self-directed free time, with supervision that encourages autonomy and leadership. Let a typical long-time camper we’ll call Rachel guide you into life on Teenside.

Two Sides. Two Experiences.

The separate cabins, waterfront, dining hall, and sports fields make each side feel like a distinctive experience. Everyone is in frequent contact, though, especially because some facilities, like the pool, gymnasium, ropes courses, climbing wall, zip line, and organic farm are all on Mainside. The whole community gathers together for Shabbat and performances.