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2024 Wacky Wednesdays

2024 Wacky Wednesdays

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Wacky Wednesdays are back!

If themes like Wizarding Wednesday, Disney Day, Superhero Day, and Decades Day intrigue your child, they’ve come to the right place! Welcome to 2024 Wacky Wednesdays at SLC … the day we all get to act a little … well … wacky! Here’s the best part: EVERYONE gets wacky! Dress up, grab your props, and prepare for a day filled with themed activities, games, and enough silliness to power a rocket ship to Mars!

Here are 0ur Wacky Wednesday Themes for 2024:

Session One:

July 3 – Wizarding Wednesday: Are you a Gryffindor or a Slytherin? Do you prefer Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? Dress up as your favorite characters or just don a hat and cape and come along on a day where you can make your own wand, compete in Wizarding challenges, and create your own magic!

July 10 – Purim in July: We all love to dress up, so pick a costume — either on your own or in a group — and get ready for our costume parade to see who wears it best. There are prizes to be won for best costume, hamantashen to be eaten and a whole Purim story to be learned!

July 17 – Decades Day: Ever wish you were a child of the 80’s? Think it was more cool to be born in the 70’s or wish you were around in the 90’s? Now is the time to live out that dream and dress from your favorite decade. It’s time to find out about the Mickey Mouse Club and see what music your parents used to listen to. Do you think you can name their favorite songs? Have fun with SLC as we travel through time!

July 24 – Backwards Day: Ever wake up feeling a little mixed up? You’re still tired while getting dressed and you put your shirt on backwards. You panic and switch it around. Well, today you don’t have to! Leave those clothes the wrong way while we eat breakfast for dinner and throw our programming upside down. Expect the unexpected!

Session Two:

July 31 – Superhero Day: DC, Marvel, Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy. We want to see them all come out for our Superhero Day. We will take a trip to Superhero school to see if you have what it takes to make it into the super special society of Surprise Lake Camp Superheros!

August 7 – Game Show Day: Do you spend your evenings watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune? Have you always wondered what it would be like to be on those shows? Well, today is the day! Each specialist will be running their very own game show and you will have the opportunity to participate! There may even be prizes!

August 14 – Disney Day: ‘It’s a Small World after all’ but not at Surprise Lake Camp. It’s a big world full of joy and laughter! Surprise Lake Camp is one of our favorite places, but Disney may come in a close second. So pack your Mickey Mouse ears and princess tiaras and spend a magical day bringing Disney to camp!

It’s going to be a wild ride and we can’t wait for you to join us!

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