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6 Reasons To Enroll Your Child in 2024 Summer Camp Now

6 Reasons To Enroll Your Child in 2024 Summer Camp Now

Friday, August 11, 2023
Category: Why Camp?

Your child has just returned from summer camp, and they’ve had a blast. In fact, they won’t stop telling you how they can’t wait to go back next year. You may even agree that it’s a good idea and resolve to sign them up for it… when the time comes. But if you plan ahead and opt for early enrollment, you can save yourself quite a bit of time, money, and stress later in the year. Here are 6 excellent reasons to enroll your child in 2024 summer camp now: 

  1. It’s fresh in your mind now. Much as you might book your next hair salon appointment as you pay for the current one, it’s a good idea to enroll your child in summer camp for next year as they finish their current session. Not only will you gain a sense of accomplishment, but you’ll avoid the stress that procrastination can cause: having to remember to enroll your child next year and having the impending task hanging over your head for months.
  2. Secure your child’s spot. Summer camp vacancies often fill up fast, and you never know when the 2023 session will fill up. Enrolling your child as soon as their current camp program ends will help to ensure that they won’t miss out on fun and personal growth—and that you won’t miss out on some much-needed free time. Securing your child’s spot early also means you’ll have plenty of time to make any needed adjustments to their schedule, camp group, and other camp-related needs. 
  3. Smart budget planning and potential savings. Booking your child’s next summer camp session now means you can factor the associated costs into your budget now, rendering it more accurate for the year. In addition, many organizations offer a camping discount for early birds, first-time campers, and the siblings of current campers. This means that one way or another, you can save significantly on tuition by acting early. Some camps will even allow you to combine discounts.
  4. Time to apply for tuition assistance. In a period of record inflation, many families are having to rein in their spending patterns. But this doesn’t mean your child has to skip summer camp: many sleepaway camps offer grants and tuition assistance. Reserving your child’s spot early gives you time to fill out applications for camp-sponsored and third-party forms of financial aid. You can find more resources on applying for camp tuition assistance here
  5. Summer camp preview tours. Many sleepaway camp organizations offer tours for prospective enrollees in the fall and spring. If you’re considering enrolling your child in their first-ever summer camp session, either in general or with a new organization, signing up for a preview tour can give you the information you need to make a sound decision. If you’re not quite ready to commit for next summer now, but still want to take advantage of early-bird savings, signing up for a fall tour is a great compromise.
  6. Help you and your child prepare mentally. Signing up first-time campers early gives them plenty of time to learn what summer camp is all about, make supply purchases, have their questions answered, allay their anxieties, and generally feel prepared. Returning campers will have all year to keep in touch with newly made camp friends and look forward to next year’s activities. Best of all, early summer camp enrollment gives you time to plan your family’s summer schedule well in advance!

Get the Benefits of Early Enrollment With Surprise Lake Camp

Surprise Lake Camp is a nonprofit organization that provides a home away from home for generations of young people. We believe in the value of community and friendship. Our Jewish values and identity shape our connection to nature. We’re dedicated to helping young people unplug, grow, and develop values, confidence, and skills to last a lifetime, adding to SLC’s storied history as the nation’s longest-running Jewish sleepaway camp.

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