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Journey's Way Weekly Update

Journey’s Way Weekly Update

Friday, August 13 | by SLC
Category: Program News

This week Journey’s Way had high spirits and positive energy. We had our overnight in the Hinterlands. Everyone set up their sleeping bags and got the opportunity to roast marshmallows, make s’mores, and take in the beautiful nature that surrounded us. One activity on the overnight that all of the kids enjoyed was the game Bean Boozled. They took turns with the spinner and whatever bean it landed on was the bean they had to eat. It was funny watching the kids’ reactions when they got a good flavor like Tutti Fruiti or Blueberry, and then to see their facial expressions when they got an interesting flavor like Toothpaste!

We also had the opportunity to participate in the Maccabi games. Everyone was split up into two teams, Blue and White, and the kids got a chance to be competitive, play hard and support one another. The campers played a game called Gold Rush. Staff spread different colored beans all over the ballfield, each of them with a different point value. The campers were tasked with collecting as many beans as possible within the allotted time frame. Since the heat is also upon us, the campers were able to engage in some water activities as well. They worked together on a raft that was only made with pool noodles, cardboard, rope, and tape. It was astonishing how the campers were all able to come together and work as a team to make the raft and watch their vision come together. Our raft may have looked the best out of all of Mainside, but we won the award for the epic sinker.

They are all looking forward to our highly anticipated Big Sister/Little Sister activity next week with Boulderhill on Teenside, as well as our preparations for SLC Sing.

Shabbat Shalom,

Lara, Unit Supervisor, and the entire team.